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You can try RateNow right now. Text RATENOW to (801) 430-9805. Answer six questions to see what RateNow can do. Your responses are anonymous, and we don’t capture your phone number. After you answer the questions, click below to see the realtime results:

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Best in class security

All of your data is safe and protected. The proprietary RateNow data gathering and reporting system is enhanced with best in class security, guaranteeing total protection of customer information, RateNow results, and business data.

Low Cost

RateNow costs $39 per month, period. No contracts, fees, or extra charges. See Pricing for more details.

Real time

Your customers opt-in to text surveys on their cell phones and respond to questions in the moment, on the premises, or as close to the experience as possible. Their feedback is immediately available to you online, anytime and anywhere.

To the point

You ask your customers a maximum of six questions, focusing on the most important things you need to know. You end up with specific results that you can use.

Easy to manage

RateNow only requires a bit of your time to manage and none of your time to run. You can be up and running in 15 minutes, and you are in total control. See How for more details.

Endlessly adaptable

You can update your survey questions as often as you'd like to get the feedback you need to respond to your customers the right way, right now - everytime. It takes five minutes to create a whole new six question survey, and 30 seconds to change or add a single new question.

Alert Me

RateNow can alert you immediately when a customer has a concern or issue. You have the capability of following up within 30 seconds of the customer’s response. See How for more information.

Try It Now

To see RateNow in action, text RATENOW to (801) 430-9805.